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Be inspired. Kick start your lucrative coaching business right now, and be a key person of influence in your profession!

In this dynamic coaching program, you will learn practical applications of the Enneagram in key areas such as:

  • Life and Career coaching
  • ​Team Development
  • Sales and Services
  • ​Leadership
  • ​Communication
  • Emotional Intelligence

Outlines of the program are as follow:

Enneagram Mastery I

  • You will learn about the basics of what the Enneagram is, its foundation and origin, ways that the Enneagram can benefit you in your life, as well as practical applications of the Enneagram in your career.

Enneagram Mastery II (Participants must complete Part I before they can enrol for this program)

  • You will gain deeper insights into the Enneagram, better understand and manage your core values and the darker side of your character, as well as practical applications of the Enneagram in your profession, specifically in coaching and leadership.

Enneagram Mastery III(Not yet available)

  • This program is designed for participants who want to gain deep knowledge of the Enneagram, and at the end of the course, be able to integrate the Enneagram with practical business management models. 

Our Enneagram coaching program can also be customized to suit your specific needs and organizational context. Simply let us know in advance!

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