Life coaching is an investment in your best asset — 


it is a resource that you utilise to help yourself discover your potentials, your passion... and for my coaching...

discover your true potential

through the power of the enneagram

life coaching is where you will learn to

identify gaps between where you are

and where you would want to be.

Coaching will also equip you with tools

that will help you achieve your goals

long after your final session.

Don't get me wrong!

Coaching is not counselling!

Coaching is not psychotherapy!

Unlike counselling or therapy,

coaching is not interested in your past.

instead, coaching places emphasis on the present

— your here and now —

and how you can set smarter goals

and focus on where you want to go.

coaching is a broad and growing industry.

every coaching approach carries with it a focus to build and transform specific areas of your life.

Put it this way...


when you need to shape up to look good,

you go to a fitness coach.

When you want to know how to get a life partner,

you go to a dating coach.

When you want to solve a problem area in your life,

you go to a life coach.

Now, When you face challenges at work 

and you need to perform well,

or if you are seeking for career advancement,

you go to a career coach!

with such a tough job market out there,

and the recent slowdown of the economy...


how stressful many professionals are

about keeping their jobs, and remaining employable... 

yet performing well enough just to be

inside their bosses' good books.

fortunately, my career coaching is here

to help make your life easier by:

1) preparing you to compete against millions of other job seekers;

2) equipping you with the best tools to perform better at work; 

3) inspiring you with insights on your career preference, suitability, and personality; 

4) unstucking you from career crossroads, and to align your values with the work you do;

5) unleashing your potentials to tap on your strengths for optimal performance;

6) empowering you with the added confidence and courage to 'up-your-game' at work; and

7) Helping you manage career frustrations, work stressors, as well as communication issues at work...

...and there are many more ways to help you with

Just to make sure that you

gain the confidence and right mindset

towards a better career route.

by the way...

i want to make it very clear to you that:

1) career Coaching is not a job agency!

  • It does not give you a job at once after a session is over. and just because you attended one session, doesn't mean your problems will vanish into thin air! everything takes time.

2) Career Coaching is not just about writing a good resume and aceing the interview! 

  • The person behind every Work is the character and the role it plays to make the job meaningful. therefore it is important to know yourself and how you can add value to the work you do.

3)  career coaching is a lot of work on your part!

  • if you are not willing to take massive action and put in the hard work to deal with your core issues, then career coaching is not for you. to be honest, no one else can help you if you are not willing to do your homework!

There is only space for
4 coaching clients per month!

On the contrary, We don't Fit if...

Why then, do i need a coach?

then, What on earth is career coaching?

What on earth is life coaching all about?

  • You don't want to work on yourself

  • You only want a motivational speaker — no that is not my style

  • You think that coaching will solve all your problems at once

  • You have clinical depression and you are not seeking medical attention

  • You just purely want the best tips and advices in town — ​neither am i google

The most successful people in the world today understand the importance and huge benefits of investing in themselves.

Make no mistake, coaching is an investment

that can be returned many folds for you

when you take a step forward.

There are many options available to work with me! 

Simply click on the button below:

Let me know which package SUITS you BEST.

I'm ready to hear from you!

Which coaching suits you best?

Are You and I A Good Fit?

  • You need a listening ear

  • You feel stuck in your life

  • You feel stuck in your career

  • You want to discover your true self

  • You want to build your personal brand

  • You feel stressed and overwhelmed at work

  • You want to know your strengths and weaknesses

  • You feel lost trying to manage your work/life balance

  • You want to work on yourself to become a better person

  • You are unsure of your goals and what you really want in life

  • You need someone to be accountable to for your own success

  • You have trouble moving forward in achieving more for yourself

  • You want to take immediate action to achieve what matters to you most

However, I'd like to stress that it is very important for you

to get the Life or Career Coach who is a good fit for you.

So, please read on...!

We Are A Good Fit & Will See Results if...

There are thousands of coaches available today with different areas of expertise.

They also use countless of different coaching styles and approaches to suit the client.

To see if our coaching relationship can work,

please read on...

Transforming minds; Empowering lives



yet, many of them are not happy.

scientific research has shown that

having prestige, wealth, and fame will not,

and without a doubt,

make you any happier, or fulfilled as a person.

meanwhile, there are also many people in this world who has no clue as to what they're good at

or why they even exist in the first place.

And because of this... 

Many of them failed to

seek out new experiences, pursue their dreams,

aim high, stay motivated, take risks,

grow relationships, improve themselves,

dress sharp, look great,

and do the things they love to do... 

...without constantly being influenced

by what others say about them.

My REAL LIFE experiences have taught me

that having a negative and a defeated mindset

will not, and without a doubt,

make one any happier, or successful as a person.

As we speak...

There are also a handful number of people who simply go through a continuous cycle

of utter misery.

Yes, and because of this...

Many of them are unaware that they are driving themselves crazy, albeit slowly... 

by clocking in and out of work,

doing the same o'thing,

spending their income on weekend getaways

but saving up only just enough for the next one.

and before they know it, the recession bites...

and then, they're out of a job.

Then suddenly, all is lost!

The wise men of all the ages in the course of human history had spoken... and in brief summary —

if you fail to have a plan,

you plan to only have failures! 

if you are serious about

making a change in your life...

investing in yourself rather than in

material things...

then, my coaching sessions will give you — 

the opportunity to turn your life around &

help you experience your ultimate breakthrough!