Coaching relationship is built upon truth, equality, openness and trust. We place great emphasis on the internal learning processes of clients with the aim to provoke an awareness of what needs to improve to create positive change.

Clients are the experts of their life and therefore they are capable of creating better results than what they are currently achieving. Thus, clients can generate perfect solutions for themselves.

You will learn more about your strengths and areas for improvement, as well as your underlying motivation based on your personality style supported by the Enneagram Personality Profiling System.

collaborative-Style Coaching

Transforming minds; Empowering lives

client-centred & solution-focused

Initial Personality Assessment

Our Coaching Approach

Clarity of goals, sense of purpose, and taking massive action are highly emphasised and encouraged upon clients' awareness of their strengths, areas for improvement, and underlying motivations.

Finding Purpose & Taking Action​